Chief River Nursery and are online mail order nurseries that sell young tree and shrub seedlings.  Here is your chance to buy our stock locally, at greatly reduced pricing!

Chief River Nursery specializes in bare root tree and shrub seedlings and transplants.  These include evergreens, hardwoods, bushes and some fruit bearing trees and shrubs. specializes in small potted trees and shrubs.  These include evergreen trees, shrubs and fruit bearing selections.  Between the two companies, millions of trees and shrubs are sold and shipped each season to customers across the entire United States.

Due to the high volume of nursery stock we sell, it is inevitable that excess inventory is available towards the end of our sales season.  We are making it available to you through a local sale in Grafton, WI.  The sale will take place at 976 Ulao Road in Grafton, WI 53024.  Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to all of your questions.