The Spring 2024 sale will be held by appointment during May

Below you will find answers to the most common questions about our local tree sale.  If you have further questions, please email us at [email protected] and we will respond as promptly as possible.

Chief River Nursery and Arborista are online mail order nurseries that sell young trees and shrubs in large volumes.

Our offices and shipping warehouses are located in Grafton, WI.  Due to the large volume of plants we sell online, it is inevitable that some excess nursery stock will be available at the end of our sales season.  This is your opportunity to purchase small potted nursery stock, at or below wholesale prices. Please note, since this is a surplus sale, we do not guarantee which species will be available for purchase.

How does the sale work?

This sale is being held by appointment only. Please email us at [email protected] to request an appointment time and we will reply with a confirmation by the end of the next business day, possibly sooner. For this bulk sale, we have a minimum purchase requirement of at least 2 flats of trees (36 trees total for $200). There is no limit to the number of trees you can purchase, until we run out of inventory. The terms are cash and although you will be receiving beautiful and healthy trees, there is no warranty included after the sale is completed. All sales are final, with no returns.

Where is your sale?

Our property is located at 976 Ulao Road in Grafton, WI.  We are located just 2 blocks east of the Interstate 43 on Highway 60 which is called Ulao Road east of I-43.  Travel 2 blocks east from I-43 and look for the Chief River Nursery sign.  Our building is tan with brown trim, and has a small pond near the road.  A map is located on the Contact Us page.

What will Arborista be selling?

Arborista will have small potted trees and shrubs for sale individually.  Please visit our Tree & Shrub Listing page to view the varieties which may be available.  Since availability can change rapidly, we do not guarantee which species will be sold at our sale.

Example 1.5 qt. evergreen
  • Evergreen trees:  A variety of beautiful evergreen trees used in reforestation and the home landscape.  These trees typically range in height from 10-20″ in height above the pot.  These are easy to plant trees sold in 1.5 quart pots.  Cash pricing will be just $100 per flat of 18 trees with a 2 flat minimum (36 trees | $200 min purchase).
  • Deciduous trees and shrubs:  A small variety of trees & shrubs used in reforestation and the home landscape may be available.  These non evergreen selections will be sold for $5 per pot.

What will Chief River Nursery be selling?

Chief River Nursery will not be selling excess trees and shrubs this season. If you would like to place a retail order and pick it up at our nursery, please visit

Can I pick and choose my own nursery stock?

Arborista:  Potted trees and shrubs will be displayed in flats inside an outdoor hoop house.  We will assist you in locating your desired species, and you can pick your flats.  Since plants do not all grow at a uniform rate, not all nursery stock will be of uniform height.  All nursery stock has a range of sizes, and your order will include plants throughout the entire size range for each species.

Will a Guarantee or warranty be offered on any of your nursery stock?

No.  We have a superior reputation for providing viable nursery stock which will thrive with proper care.  While warranties do come with nursery stock that is sold at full price during our regular season, all sales will be final and without warranty on discounted nursery stock purchased at our local sale in May.